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    Leverage the LBS team’s lab experience and know-how to help chart a successful future.

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  • Are Your Billing Services Ready for the Future?

    Combat the rise of deductibles and coinsurance with consolidated statements, payment portals, and knowledgeable and caring customer service.

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  • Reimbursement is Complicated

    Actionable dashboards from LBS give you the necessary business intelligence to improve your bottom line

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Revenue Cycle ManagementBilling Assessments

LBS provides detailed customized assessments of hospital-based and independent laboratory billing functions on a consulting basis.  By leveraging our lab and billing expertise, we help clients understand how they can achieve best billing practices.  Our highly experienced staff will identify and analyze your critical revenue cycle issues.

Revenue Cycle ManagementFull-Service Billing

Improve your bottom line with the most comprehensive and effective full service billing in the lab industry. Our Full Service Billing option covers all aspects of your revenue cycle management, including preparing, producing, submitting, and following up on laboratory claims.  We will develop and implement the right strategy to help you meet your billing goals.

Revenue Cycle ManagementSupported Billing Solution

Leverage the full capabilities of LBS’ feature-rich supported billing solution under the management and personnel of your lab. Maintain control of your billing department with the best laboratory revenue cycle management technology and strategic advice at your fingertips.

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