Blog Series: CRM and Billing

LBS is pleased to announce a summer blog series “CRM & Billing: What You Need To know” with our partner

This blog series will bring you five articles focusing on productivity, KPIs, undervalued functions, and the value of billing/CRM connectivity.  Please check-in here or at Hc1 throughout the summer to follow the series.  We look forward to your comments and feedback throughout the summer.  The introduction to the first post is below and you can read the full article here:

Billing can be a challenging function for laboratories, and building out billing strategies often ends in frustration. Billing is a nuanced, complicated, and ever-evolving area that requires focused effort and sophisticated technology. No one enters the lab business to focus on billing – a lab’s core competency is providing great patient care via diagnostic testing. Billing is clearly an afterthought and can oftentimes lack appropriate support and attention… read more

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