Supported Billing Solution


Our Supported Billing Solution allows your laboratory to retain all of your billing personnel and management with access to state-of-the-art billing software and support. Unlike most SaaS (Software as a Service) providers, LBS provides the billing department with the tools and continued support to leverage your LBS billing system.

Our managers and support staff have had considerable experience and success “living” in the system providing services to our clients who have chosen the Full-Service option. We know what is required to provide outstanding billing performance for laboratories and we will work directly with your staff to leverage our insights and system enhancements to provide great results.  The Supported Solution provides your lab’s billing department access to all of LBS’ functionality and updates to perform patient registration, up-front error processing, eligibility verification, the resolving of rejected and denied claims, posting, and handling of all patient and client inquiries.

However, unlike our Full-Service offering, the Supported Solution’s fee is based on a per user charge.  We feel that your lab should be charged for a billing software based on how much you use it, and our goal is to help you use as few resources as possible to perform your billing.  We want your team to perform billing as well or better as we could independently.

Interested in learning more? Contact LBS to see how we can help your lab here, or call us at 603-766-8230.