Laboratory Billing Solutions (LBS) is a one-stop solution for labs that lack the internal resources or expertise to handle laboratory billing cost-effectively. LBS was started by laboratory professionals and only focuses on laboratory billing.

We fully understand the highly specialized nature of the revenue cycle aspect of your business and have been able to produce superior performance for our clients.

LBS realizes every lab is different, and we customize and streamline many of the front-end processes by client to expedite claims submissions. LBS utilizes production oriented technology and highly trained billing and claims experts to improve your bottom line by:

  • Increasing the speed and amount your laboratory gets paid
  • Reducing your spend to collect
  • Providing valuable and actionable information to enhance profitability

As an initial introduction to LBS, many of our clients take advantage of our Billing Assessments where we provide a detailed analysis of your laboratory billing function and demonstrate how your efforts can be organized more cost-effectively to improve collections.

Our expertise translates into your success in the following ways:

  • Laboratory, Software and Billing Experts: We know what is required for hospitals, independent laboratories, and physician and pathology groups to hone and grow their business. Learn more about our Expertise.
  • Laboratory Billing Focus: Many laboratories today simply cannot devote the same resources and attention to billing which Laboratory Billing Solutions (LBS) is able to provide its clients. Learn more about our Laboratory Billing Focus.
  • Compliance: We conduct ongoing compliance reviews of the LBS’s operations and advise clients on questions and issues related to appropriate billing practices. Learn more about Compliance.
  • Customer Service: Part of our success is due to the attention we give to the selection and development of skilled professionals who are focused on delivering a high level of customer service to our laboratory clients and their patients. Learn more about Customer Service.
  • Technology and Customized Integration: We utilize state-of-the-art technology and customized integration to support the all aspects of the revenue cycle including core production functions, patient and client interactions, executive information requests, and installations. Learn more about Technology and Customized Integration.

Interested in learning more? Contact LBS to see how we can help your lab here, or call us at 603-766-8230.