Technology and Customized Integration

Operate in the Cloud

The Laboratory Billing Solutions (LBS) billing system is a highly secure cloud-based billing solution:

  • Virtually eliminates the IT costs of owning and running a billing system on in-house servers
  • Allows LBS to issue upgrades to the system easily and at no additional cost so that our clients always have the most up to date software enhancements
  • Gives labs location flexibility for the billing department and staff while remaining HIPAA compliant

LBS utilizes state-of-the-art technology and platforms to support the all aspects of the revenue cycle including core production functions, patient and client interactions, and executive information requests.

LBS designed the billing system to be flexible and scalable. We recognize that labs operate in different markets and have unique challenges and that a “one size fits all” billing system will not readily accommodate every laboratory. We interface with any LIS and work to ensure that our software and file definition structure supports the needs of each lab. Every installation is built around our robust and proven core platform and includes all the necessary tools to support your business without adversely impacting cash flow.

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