Laboratory Revenue Cycle Management

Laboratory Billing Solutions (LBS) offers the most comprehensive laboratory revenue cycle management for hospitals and independent laboratories.

We are not just an “outsourced” or SaaS (Software as a Service) billing company. We are a true partner that tailors our services to meet the objectives of each client.

Frequently, we see labs whose billing departments lack the operational expertise and/or access to resources to leverage the full capabilities of their systems. The LBS management and operations team can bridge the gap between current and potential performance. We are committed to helping our clients reach and exceed industry standards.

We focus on three key areas of laboratory revenue cycle management which improves collections, reduces bad debt, and increases the understanding of your reimbursement:

  • Billing Optimization: At Laboratory Billing Solutions (LBS), we look at the core billing process as a production business. We design both our core billing software and operations in a format that enables claims to be executed efficiently, accurately, and consistently. Learn more about Billing Optimization.
  • Patient / Client Centric Enablement: As the industry moves to increasing patient responsibility for a greater portion of the cost of healthcare, it is imperative the laboratory has the tools to make it easier for patients to make payments associated with larger deductibles and coinsurance. Learn more about Patient / Client Centric Enablement.
  • Actionable Business Intelligence: LBS wants each of our clients to have business intelligence that they can quickly interpret and act upon. Learn more about Actionable Business Intelligence.

Interested in learning more? Contact LBS to see how we can help your lab here, or call us at 603-766-8230.