Patient / Client Centric Enablement

As the industry moves to increasing patient responsibility for a greater portion of the cost of healthcare, it is imperative the laboratory has the tools to make it easier for patients to make payments associated with larger deductibles and coinsurance. In addition, both clients and patients are becoming more comfortable controlling their interaction with service providers through the internet. Laboratories will be expected to provide similar access and user-friendly capabilities for their customers.


How healthcare services are covered and paid is complex. The Laboratory Billing Solutions (LBS) team works tirelessly to reduce this confusion and make the process of paying for lab services more user-friendly and less time consuming.

Consolidated Statements:

LBS uses an easy to comprehend format so every patient can understand the charges, payor payments and adjustments, and their responsibility for one or many encounters on one bill. Furthermore, LBS enables its clients to tailor their statements to have their own unique feel and customized statement cycles at the payer and client level. Our ongoing commitment to improve the clarity of patient statements continues to reduce call volume for patient questions.

Patient Pay Portals:

Our patient pay portal was designed to handle all aspects of patient interaction with the billing department. Patients can:

  • Sign-up for electronic notification of statements
  • View previous statements and sort their statements by year for tax purposes
  • Update address and insurance information
  • Pay bills

The portal also allows the patient to communicate with the billing department via email and phone.


Client Portals:

LBS is nearing completion of a Client Portal for all of our partners. Like our Patient Pay Portal, the Client Portal will allow physician groups and doctors to handle all of their billing interactions online. Each of our partners’ clients will be able to:

  • Sign-up for electronic notifications for missing information and invoices
  • Track current month utilization
  • Complete requests for missing information online and have the billing system process the update in real time
  • View past and outstanding client invoices
  • Make payment on invoices via online check or credit card

Customized Statements:

The LBS system permits the lab’s clients to receive customized client bills in both a letter and excel format. This feature enables the lab to provide a high level of customer support and personalized service.

Missing Information Requests:

Each one of LBS’ partners are able to customize their missing information letters’ content and delivery medium (Mail, Autofax, or soon Email) at the client level. We also provide the ability to attach an image of the corresponding requisitions in the information requests. This powerful tool provides the lab with real examples to help educate their clients when repeated paperwork errors are delaying reimbursement. Incorrect or poor information about a patient, their diagnosis, and insurance are some of the leading causes of lost or delayed reimbursement. It is absolutely crucial that the lab’s billing department provides the best possible avenue for each client to provide timely and corrected missing information.

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