LBS President Tom Hirsch to Speak at Upcoming G2 Conferences


LBS President Tom Hirsch will be speaking at two G2 Intelligence events in the coming weeks.  First he will be speaking at the Laboratory and Diagnostic Investment Forum on December 10 in New York City.  On January 30, he will be the keynote speaker at the G2 Workshop “What’s Next for Hospital Laboratories: Operations, Outreach, and Business Models” in Atlanta, GA.  Read on for more information on each of these events.


December 10, 2013  |  9:45-10:15am

 “The Future of Hospital Labs and the Outreach Market”    P. Thomas Hirsch

  • In the midst of an uncertain future for all laboratory market segments, hospital labs have the luxury of knowing that the majority of its services will still have to be provided locally and within acute care settings. However, how those services will be provided is no longer a certainty.
  • This session evaluates what hospital labs will be required to do to operate successfully in a changing world to add value and avoid being commoditized. The speaker also examines the increased interest of all market players in the $35 billion hospital lab space, as practices continue to be acquired while care and payment become increasingly bundled

More information and event registration can be found here on the Lab Investment Forum website


January 30, 2014   |   9:05-9:45am

Keynote: “Transforming the U.S. Health Care System: Diagnosis and Prognosis for Hospital Laboratories”    P. Thomas Hirsch

As reimbursement continues to plummet and services are increasingly offered under bundled payments, hospital laboratories will face the same cost pressures as other ancillary services. At the same time, there will be increased pressure to make better use of laboratory testing information to improve patient outcomes. Laboratories will not only have to learn how to work more effectively with less, but also will have to become more proactive about making sure the right test is ordered and performed at the right time for the right patient.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the current challenges faced by hospital laboratories in terms of right-sizing their operations with the prospect of lower demand, dealing with an aging workforce, and on-going technical and service challenges to integrate information and manage data
  • Present an overview of best practices and issues laboratories need to master in the near term in order to be more relevant and part of the solution for improving hospital-based care
  • Discuss the future of outcomes management and what leading laboratories are doing to promote lower lengths of stay and readmission rates.

More information and event registration can be found here on the G2 Intelligence Website




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